hold my licence toronto agents

hold/hang Ontario real estate agent licence

Real Estate Brokerage Ontario Holds your License-RECO Reg.

Ontario real estate agents can reduce their sales operating costs right now.

New career real estate agents can hold off their decision to join an expensive Franchise right away and save their money while giving thought to their future plans by placing their new licence on hold for a while.

Ontario Broker of Records and their Managers can advise their non producing real estate sales people to transfer to a low cost Brokerage until they are ready to transfer back and become active in sales again


Over 300 RECO Registrants are benefiting by continuing to earn commission by trading or referring sales and saving big money on fees and dues for services they no longer require. All this and backed by a strong support real estate Brokerage.



Save your real estate license and save your money too.

Direct: 416-453-8215 or email: keepitactive (@) gmail.com


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